Lauren Reber

I could wax poetic on my love for coffee, how I love to travel (I do and who doen't) and how I will always be a faithful dog lover. But you don't want to know that.

I seek real life. Raw and unfiltered. I am constantly reflecting on who I am as a person and how that can be shared with the people in life that I meet. My values rest with the understanding that everyday is a gift. Every experience a unique moment that is unable to be replicated.

If you love dynamic storytelling and incredibly outrageous adventures on mountain tops all while being photographed  -well - you have come to the right place. Photography has evolved from the "smile and sit pretty while we all wear matching jumpsuits, to extraordinary real life emotions that show that you not only live, but you lived a kick-ass life!

This is it. You have this one moment. This fleeting infinitesimal point in time that you can never get back. The photograph is not just about how great you look on social media, but a legacy to a life that is precious and fleeting. 

"We did not ask to be in this room. We were invited in. Therefore, because the dark surrounds us, let us turn our faces to the light. Let us endure hardship to be grateful for plenty. We have been given pain to be astounded by joy. We have been given life to deny death. We did not ask to be in this room. But nonetheless we are here."- Sadie



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