Wedding at Sunriver Resort - Bend OR - Michael + Kelsie

Bend Oregon. The perfect cute town which is highly doted upon by locale Oregonians. On the outskirts of town tucked quietly amidst the Western yellow pine trees is Sunriver Resort. A village all of its own, Sunriver is a home away from home, cabins dotting sage covered lots in clusters, the little village hosting pizza joints, several brewery's, a kayak rental, and where would a village be without its very own Starbucks. It was here were soon to be Mr. and Mrs Hirko would say their vows and dance the night away in the great hall of Sunrivers main resort.


Kelsie Hirko - Bride

I am from Portland and Michael is originally from Florida but he has lived in Bend most of his life. Michael and I met while I was majoring in sports management i needed an internship. So one of my family friends suggested the baseball stadium in Bend. So after I applied and got the position the very first day I got there Michael was the first person I met. I went up an introduced myself. My first project while I was there was painting picnic tables and later Michael told me, “the whole time I just couldn’t keep my eyes off your butt!” Our friendship lasted long before we started dating. Since I was living in Bend alone at that time Michael’s parents took me in, and really became a second set of parents. At the end of each game I would go and have dinner with his family. After the summer I studied abroad and we were able to sustain a relationship long distance.

He proposed during a last minute vacation to our families beach house. I had a few stipulations. He had to ask my dad, he had to say my full name, I had to have my nails done and I wanted a picture of it happening! I knew he had been trying for a while to ask my dad. We had a nice long walk to the beach and then on our way back we stopped at a store to get wine. It took him the entire walk back to the house where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After we ate mini corn dogs in celebrated all night long!

One of the reasons I know I love Michael is that when I go to bed before him I still miss him and I wont be able to fall asleep until he comes to bed.

Father of the Bride

Keep your family and friends close. Be nice to each other, be nice to your friends. You will have a long and happy life. To Michael and Kelsie!”

Steven - Best Man

Alright! Always tough to follow the father of the bride! Thank you to bride and grooms families! They have always been hospitable since I first met them. I am truly blessed to be welcomed by the families and to be here. Mike I met you and we were junior in high school and ever since the beginning we always had fun. More than anything else that has always been where we have been as friends. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that getting to know and getting closer to Kelsie I have watched you grow up into a man. I thought I was supposed to be the best looking person in the room today... I’m a little offended! But Kelsie you look beautiful today! Take care of each other, as we have seen life happening thru good times and bad you two have been there for each other. Kelsie we know you like a challenge and hey, you guys have one right there.

Michael - Groom

We have been together for five years. We have a really special and strong relationship. I knew that it was something really special when she went to study abroad and we were able to sustain a relationship.

There was this one time I had to have shoulder surgery and I was really nervous. At the time we lived 3 hours apart and she drove all the way home one night to be with me for my surgery. That was really important to me.

Our relationship is really special. We are with each other 24/7 and we never bite each others head off. I love her and I think we are really strong togeher