Vikingsholm Lake Tahoe Engagement

We left the Truckee Meadows valley to the sleepy blue sage crowned with their dusty yellow buds on Black Friday morning, grabbing our habitual cup of coffee and cranking the heater up in our car as far as it would go. We made our climb, scaling 2k feet up the silver peak of Mount Rose, her majestic peak, being touched by the rays of the morning sun, piercing an azure winter sky.  Peculiarly, the smell of summer still clung to the air, summer refusing to give winter its turn of residence to the Sierra Nevadas. Snuggling ourselves beside a fire outside our second Starbucks of the day in Tahoe, we met with the lovely Jennifer and Fernando.

"So what I'm going to do is have you guys tell your stories. From the beginning. I want to know who Fernando and Jennifer are. How you met, and what your dream wedding is going to look like."

I hit the red "record" button on my iPhone, set it down face up on the coffee table and began to listen to an amazing story of travel and nautical voyages...



I am from Monterrey Mexico. I am the eldest of three children, I have a little brother and a little sister. I was the kind of child that loved to play outside all of the time. I played many sports, basketball, soccer and track, I was a pretty hyper kid. My parents loved to travel a lot, and we have always liked to go to new restaurants, (my dad especially) to try new foods and go to all the tiny little towns and explore. My family loves to spend time together. My parents still live in San Antonio, but the rest of my family lives in Monterrey. I have a really sweet dog, a chow mix that is a bit of a monster. I began my college career in Mexico, and eventually transferred to San Antonio where I attended UTSA and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. I work with frozen beverage dispensers, like the ones you would see in movie theaters, it is really fun I get to play with ice cream all the time. I am really picky about my movies, Fernando knows, but my favorite two movies are Forest Gump and the Gladiator, which I will watch again.


I was raised in Tamaulipas Mexico. I moved to McAllen Texas, which is basically like little Mexico and finished high school there. I am one of three siblings, and I have always loved to play soccer. I am also very good with dogs, some people call me the dog whisperer! I moved to San Antonio and graduated UTSA. I really enjoy playing video games, shooters and platforms.

How they met & the Proposal

Fernando : “We met at the Hispanic association at the college we both went to. We were best friends, we shared stories and issues with each other. To be honest, we were super close. We spent a lot of time together. We were not thinking about getting together - at all-. It just kind of happened. We were really good friends. She was doing her thing, I was doing my thing and it just sort of happened. I always make fun of her now because she would always say to me, “You are not my type.” And I would see, “oh gee, okay!” And here we are. I guess I took that as a challenge. One day we were at a social and went to laser tag, so I picked her up and we had a good time with the club. Afterwards we went for frozen yogurt and she just threw herself at me. I’m kidding, she just hugged me. It literally just happened. Everything from there is just history. There was not a set time that I decided hey, I want to marry this girl, but it was this progressive feeling. So Jennifer won a trip on a cruise and I started planning this proposal behind her back. I told her parents that I had the ring and was ready, and she has always wanted her parents around when I propose as she is close with her family. So we had to rearrange our cruise dates to accommodate everyone. We went on a cruise to We touched port in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. She had no idea that I had the ring. I knew she was going to expect something to happen so I made it seem as though we were going to pick a ring after the cruise. The next day we went to Cozumel, I saw the beach, the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Jennifer was somewhere in the water and so I rounded up everyone and said, “It’s happening now. Grab whatever you need cause its happening.” Her dad, who really likes to photograph and had been photographing us all week was ready to go and began taking pictures. I just told her, this is the best experience in my life and the best of experience of my life is because of her and I would love to continue doing this for the rest of my life. She was like, “What are you doing?” and i popped the question. She cried for about five minutes, I was on my knees it hurt, I asked her, “Is that a yes?” And it was. That was six months ago.