Wedding at Hornings Hideout - Oregon - Josue + Krystal

Dark brooding storm clouds rolled over the emerald hills of North Plains OR on June 10th, 2017. The air was warm but the skies certainly threatening, spring unable to let go into summer.

Hornings Hideout is a privately owned venue sporting forty acres of lush forest. It hosts hundreds of events a year and it is not rare to see a family fishing for the day, or college students playing disc golf on one of their manicured lawns. This venue is isolated from the metropolitan madness and transports its visitors back to a quieter time. The therapy of nature Hornings Hideout provides is the perfect place for two people to share their love with family and friends.

The skies unloaded not just rain but hail for the first three hours of the Ramirez wedding, and yet the inclement weather did little to dampen the newlyweds spirits. Come time for Josue and Krystal and pronounce their vows the clouds parted and golden warm sunlight washed over them, where it stayed until their entire ceremony was over. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez reception was on fire! All of their guests were on the dance floor dancing their hearts out as the rain came back and continued to trickle away outside of the covered picnic area. The couple received a beautiful toast by the father of the bride and gifted a large print of their very first photograph as a couple. The wine ran free through the night as many of the guests and bridal party planned on camping at the venue. Congratulations again to this sweet couple!