Wedding at Multnomah Falls - Columbia River Gorge OR - Brandon + Deena

Portland OR was a cozy 81 degrees, the sun burning through the stubborn grey clouds that clung to the summer sky. The Rose City was crawling with life this weekend. The weekend sponsored early Fourth of July festivities, the yearly Blue Festival and the weekly Portland Saturday Market. 

We knocked on the door to a little orange Airbnb tucked into the heart of downtown Portland. A quiet little oasis in a concrete jungle where Brandon and Deena were able to relax and spend their vacation enjoying all the hospitality that Stump-town has to offer. The quaint abode was furnished in the traditional Pacific northwestern style with a modern flair accented with brightly colored Spanish tile. As is custom to Oregon, the plant life was incorporated into their living space, climbing vines clinging to the railing of their loft and cascading down the cream walls.

"This is Brandon and I's first trip on a plane together." Deena laughed as she continued to write her vows on the back of an Oregon postcard. "We picked Portland as our destination to get married because I love the city and he loves nature. This was a perfect place that represented both of us. Plus, my mom got married here too."

The freeways and streets where crowded with added vehicles for the holiday weekend. Brandon opened the moon roof and let the warm summer air wrap around us as we carpooled up to Crown Point. Deena gasped and pointed out her window to the majestic Mount Hood in the hazy distance.

"Oh look! A snowy mountain!" She turned in her seat to look at us, as I am sure we all looked a little baffled as she explained, "I have never seen a mountain like that with the naked eye."

The ceremony site was held at Latourell Falls off old historic Columbia River Hwy. Framed between a rock altar the falls cascaded down between the hand locked couple as they recited their vows. Deena glowed and beamed at her new husband as she wiped tears from her eyes as the world silently welcomed for the very first time Mr. and Mrs. Rogers.

Brandon and Deena spent their evening enjoying the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Under the regal Multnomah Falls the two shared a small red velvet cupcake surrounded by dozens of tourist but eyes only for each other. The joy and intamcy of creating an elopment wedding was a complete sucess for the newlyweds, an experience in which they will never forget.