Wedding at Campbell House Inn - Cody & Lindsay

The wedding hosted at the Campbell House Inn was hosted in a charming and sweet pocket of welcomed shade in the downtown hustle and bustle of Eugene OR. This creme elegant home built in 1892 was potted among towering trees and framed with flowering bushes of every kind. Below, in a renovated bridal suite, Lindsay and her bridesmaids were enjoying the sunny days in the cool indoors, snacking on pizza and being properly pampered. At 4:00 pm Cody saw his bride for the first time as she walked down the isle, her face in a glowing smile as he tried to hide the tears in his eyes. In front of their closest family and friends, Cody and Lindsay announced their love to the world.  


Lisa - Maid of Honor

I have known Lindsay for forever, since high school, and I have known Cody since she started texting him. Lindsay has gone thru a lot of hardships in her life, and to watch her meet the love of her life I knew the moment I met him he was going to be a Mr. Forever. Looking at them I actually see that true love happens in this world. I cant wait for them to grow in their relationship. Cody is such a caring and awesome person and I adore them both. Two people in this world managed to find each other and I am so happy. I could not wish for a better person to steal my wife away, because she was my person first Cody Paulsen don't you forget that.

Michelle -Mother of the Groom

I am Michelle, Codys stepmom, first of all I want to say thank you to the wedding planners and Campbell Inn. Secondly I want to thank Jim, thank you for making this day amazing and for supporting and loving them daily. Last but not least, Cody and Lindsay, I love you. I am so proud of you. I am proud of the woman and man you have become, the parents that you are, the family you have created. On behalf of everybody we will be here to hold you accountable and love you and support you for the rest of your lives . My only advice is to keep God as your center. If you keep God as your center, he will make everythign come together regardless of what happens. I love you and congratualtions.

Jim - Father of the Bride

"During Kindergarten year, I had the privilege to coach her soccer team and many teams thereafter. The girls were always excited for their first game because of their matching uniforms. Lindsay had the privilege of becoming the first goal keeper I ever had, she stood in front of the goal cones smiling and watching the other girl run around, the ball came around and scored a goal. She was latched onto my leg in about 15 seconds, her head underneath my coat, and wouldn't come out. But she came out and went back on the field where she played for eight more years. Thru the years she tried gymnastics, basketball, indoor soccer, dance, softball, cheerleader and playing the violin. She did everything. As a father I didn't think there would be good enough for my little princess. I was very wrong. I have come to know and greatly respect Cody as they grow over time. Cody is caring, thoughtful and attentive. He works long hard hours and still makes time for Lindsay and the children. It is clear to me that he is the man for Lindsay. I am proud and happy he is in her life. He listens to her, he respects her, and he puts her on a pedestal. Cody and Lindsay seemed to form instant bonds with each other daughters. They get along so well, both are loving parents and put the children in front of their own needs. 'They complete each other' they calm each others fears, relax each others anxiety and work towards the future. Its a beautiful thing to see. Please join me in a toast for Cody, Lindsay, Paisley, Regan and Declan. To family."

Lindsay - Bride

"My name is Lindsay I was born in Portland OR and have lived in Eugene since I was three my dad and brother. I graduated from Churchill High school in 2007 and went to U of O. Cody changed everything, we would always joke about one day getting married and having a baby and here we are getting married today and we have a beautiful baby boy. We met online and hit it off. I never wanted to get married, I never thought I would commit to somebody, but with him I am excited and I am not nervous at all. 
I had already picked out my engagement ring - because that is how I am. The ring was sitting in the closet and I was not allowed to wear it. So one day we were going up to Portland to my Grandmas house and I was a little irritable because I wanted to take the ring to show my grandma. Well apparently he had already told my family that he was going to propose that day (even though I did not know that)  and all day long everyone was on edge waiting for him to pop the question. He got down on one knee and he said my full name in front of my entire family. I kept saying, 'Are you serious?' Because I didn't think it was going to happen. Everyone was crying. He knows that I do not like surprises, i know everything about everything so that was a little bit of a shock.
We are just a team. I am his person and he is mine. Cody I love you so much and I am so excited to see you in a few hours and I can not believe we are doing this today. You are amazing and the best person I could ever wish to be with. I love you so much."

Patton - Best Man

"I am a long time friend of Codys, as long as I can remember. Before I start this speech, if i sound nervous its because I am. Cody, you have always been like a brother to me and a family member. From growing up together, like doing dumb things together at the skate park, breaking bones, or you knocking yourself out at the skate park here, or going to hard during our party days. Now man, you have became a role model as a father and a husband. I could not be happier for you and your beautiful wife, you two are perfect. Lindsay, I only met you a week before today, but you have made Cody the happiest I have ever seen him, and changed him into the best man I have ever met. For that I want to thank you. As the best man I guess I am supposed to give some advice on marriage, even though I am not. I would like to say, one love another and you will always be happy. It is as difficult and as simple as that. To Cody and Lindsay, I hope for the best marriage and a long life. I love you guys."