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Just a Small Town Girl. . . Just a City Boy - Oakland Oregon Engagement

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It is well known that our engagement sessions have taken us far and wide the last couple of years. So when Kylee and Mickey expressed their interest in having their engagement photos be taken in Kylees small southern Oregon home town of Oakland, we knew these were two people who see the beauty and simplicity of small town life.

Oakland's annual Sip and Stroll wine event brings in thousands of people over the course of the weekend. People can not help but oooh and ahh over the beautifully preserved little town, disturbed only seldomly when a train passes through. We sat down with Kylee and Mickey at the Lamplighter Inn and tucked into a quiet corner where the story of a city boy meeting a small town girl slowly began to unfold.


I was born in Tualatin Oregon and grew up in Sherwood. I am the youngest of five children. I was a handful of a kid. I was always getting in fight because people would call me Mickey Mouse. Apparently I take after my dad who was quite the brawler in his youth as well. When I was old enough to play football I signed up and I played throughout my youth. Despite having many arguments as children, my brothers are and always will be my best friends. I went to high school in Sherwood where I continued to play football and lacrosse. In college I had no idea what I wanted to do so I decided to just get an engineering degree.


I was born in Roseburg Oregon. My dad worked for a construction company and my mom was a nurse. My family moved around a lot, but we finally settled down in Sutherlin Oregon where I went to Sutherlin Intermediate School and then Sutherlin High School. Since I was the age of four I have had a love for soccer. All through my younger years and all four years of high school I played soccer. During my senior year, I actually had to play on the boys team because there were not enough girls to form a team. I really fell in love with FFA as well, because it allowed me to meet a ton of new people, be my weird crazy self, and push me outside of my comfort zone. Growing up I really looked up to and admired both of my grandmas. They are both incredibly sweet and sociable individuals who enjoyed helping people. I also looked up to my mom who I think inspired me to be a nurse. I grew up loving and spending my time with my siblings. There were plenty of times where we were caught being silly (often times at my little brothers expense!). My family takes fairly large trips together, one of my favorites was a week we all spent in New Zealand. I went to college for a million different things. Initially I went for nutrition and then pr-med. I finally decided on nursing at OHSU. I really enjoy interacting with people and helping people.

The Proposal

The ending to their first date resulted in a head noogie that left Kylee standing in the doorway to her dorm room utterly confused as to what just happened. Luckily, the rest of their dates after that initial interesting departure went smoothly. A grand trip to Croatia was in the works following Kylees graduation from nursing school. With her spidey-sense intuition Kylee suspected that while in Croatia, Mickey would ask her the big question. There was so much to do before this happened! Packing and getting her nails done for that perfect moment of just-engaged selfie bliss. Mickey however, had different plans. With an impromptu suggestion of backpacking (and Kylees panic about her nails) the two loaded up and went on a hike over the weekend in Sisters Oregon. It was there on the banks of the lake as the sun was setting that he popped the question.

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Mary Carson
Mary Carson
Dec 11, 2019

What a beautiful story about 2 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE I LOVE DEARLY!!

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