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Face Rock, Bandon OR - Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

Those of you that are familiar with the Pacific Northwest know that the ocean is both a beautiful and terrifying place; and yet, this does little to deter away the locals. Including during our winter months. The beach is often a place of magic and mystery, where treasures and adventures are to be discovered.

Face Rock Bandon is the quintessential picture of the Oregon coast. On the craggy cliffs cling cheerful yellow buds of the scotch broom bobbed in the brisk spring wind, their view the envy of the neighborhood. It is of course, no surprise that Dayln and Riley decided this would be the perfect backdrop for their three year wedding anniversary.

This couple is absolutely adorable (obviously). Their origin story is much like many modern couples in the 21st century, a relationship that has formed over the internet. Despite living two hours apart from each other, the two spent six months taking turns driving back and forth to see each other.

"I think one of the most beautiful things about having met young is having been able to grow together. To make career decisions, to build my business from the ground up, to support him as he found his path in life and pursued an apprenticeship, travel internationally and see new places for the first time with fresh eyes. All of these things we have been able to do side by side, hand in hand. It has been the biggest privilege and honor of my life."

It is always an honor and a privilege to photograph a couples wedding day, but it is equally special to photograph a couple several years down the road and see how much their love and relationship has blossomed. After five years of being with one person, there has to be some words of marital wisdom one picks up. So, I asked Riley for some marriage advice after three years of marriage and five years as a couple. Here is what she has to say,

" My biggest piece of advice in marriage is to learn each others love langauages. It is important for communication; that you know how to serve your partner and that they understand you as well."

A special shoutout to Sugar Blossom Floral Co for the exquisite bouquet. The absolutely adorable pink confetti dress came from Golden Hour Gowns.

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