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Shawn + Jill | Roseburg Oregon Wedding

This sweet and adorable pop up wedding in the lush green Umpqua Valley was far from what the bride and groomed expected their big day to be like. However, with perseverance and tenacity, Jill and Seans Plan B wedding was perfect in its unique way.

Roseburg has two really great floral shoppes which really bring in the flower game strong. Fern and Willow created the brides bouquet and was wild with summer colors. The main flowers were Ranunculus, Astranta, Butterfly Ranunculus, Daisy Sprays and Eucalyptus. Most of the featured flower were hand picked by the florist and came from local Oregon farms.

There is nothing more sentimental in a wedding (besides celebrating the love of two people) than handmade gifts by family and friends. Shawn and Jills ring box was crafted by Jills father. The handmade ring box had a core of walnut and the top was made with Redwood Burl, give off deep rich honey tones that made the gold and rose gold of their wedding rings pop.


The ceremony to this wedding took place under towering Evergreen trees. From the altar the bride and groom and all of their guests were able to look out over the valley. The reception was spent on the families property, enjoying each others company and listening to live music provided by the brides talented niece.

The cake was a great hit! It as a chocolate tier and an almond tier with cream cheese frosting. The cupcakes that accompanied this beauty were chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream frosting.

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