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Spire Mountain Cellars - New Years Wedding Shoot - Roseburg Oregon

Collaborating with other incredibly talented creatives always gives me a bit of a rush. It is not uncommon in the wedding industry, for vendors to collaborate on inspirational photo shoots during the off-season. These creative sessions exercise our naturally innovative artistic souls, and provide the opportunity for us as an industry to build deeper relationships between each other. I had a vision of putting together a small New Years styled shoot. I was after pizazz, glitz, and glam.

It was important to me during this photo shoot to collaborate with wedding vendors that were exclusively part of Roseburg or Douglas County. Showcasing the local talent and finding beauty within our own community was something I had wished to highlight.

The venue was hosted by the incredible Spire Mountain Vineyards. A 100 acre family owned vineyard which produces wines such as Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, and “Tricycle” Rose.

Bluebird Cupcakery graced us again with her wizarding skills in baking. A stunning two tiered holiday Red Velvet cake frosted with an old fashioned stove top frosting. Candied cranberries nestled in forest greens and sprigs of holly were artfully perched in meticulous display, making this naked cake the gem of the dessert table. Accompanying the cake were twelve champagne cupcakes frosted with the same old fashioned stove top frosting and crowned with a single candied cranberries.

Vintage crystal decanters, provided by Taste of Wonderland Handmade Gifts and Decor graced the dessert table and gave off classic New Years vibes with delicate crystal champagne glasses twinkling from the fire from one of the indoor fire pits, waiting for celebratory drink to be poured. Design work on the invitations was created by Cailene Creatives. Her attention to detail, and her use of gold glitter was out of this world. When I approached Taryn about my inspirations for this shoot, she was able to create a beautiful aesthetic that fit our New Years / holiday vibes.

It would not be a wedding without the bouquet. I have worked with Barbs Flowers in Roseburg for a few years and her skill and finesse in creating works of art with flowers. The boutineer and winter bouquet Barb provided was inspired by Christmas colors. This bouquet was created with white spider mums, red carnations, cream roses, blush garden roses, spray roses, eucalyptus, Douglas fir, Cedar and a touch of fern.

Makeup was done by Beverly Davin Makeup artistry. The concept was a more simple and natural look with a subtle hint of glam. Studio Beauty created a beautiful and simple curled look to her hair that gave off some serious New Years feels. Sylvia looked like she could have walked out of a vintage movie set. I was pretty stoked.

To end the night, our couple got to play with these incredible hand made signs that are for rent to any bride! They really are an awesome statement piece at any wedding and bring the wow factor. I highly suggest looking them up if you are looking to add some flair to your big day! Sign of Love are created by the incredible Martin family!

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So many wonderful and talented people in one place. I had such a wonderful time.

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