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The Pros of a "Backyard" Wedding

The wedding industry has undoubtedly been rattled over the past six months. Many professionals in the field explain that the industry will never quite function the way it did ever again. While this may (or may not) be true, (I try to be the glass half full type) there is one trending fall back that will perhaps become the king of wedding venues for years to come.

Complete Control


Hosting a wedding in your backyard or on property can be the perfect blank canvas for the wedding of your dreams. Venues often have pre-curated aesthetics that speak to a certain type of bride. Venue location and decor has already been created by the property owners, giving the bride less creative control than she may like.

This complete control of your wedding venue plays a big role in unique and creative aspects weddings can have that may need special clearance. Things such as horse drawn carriages and sparkler send-offs are some experiences that would need to cross a lot of red tape for a traditional venue (if the idea was even entertained at all).

Major Savings


According to Insider, on average brides are spending anywhere between $7,000-$4,000 on their wedding venue. By choosing to host your nuptials on your own property, it is pretty clear how much cheddar you are undoubtedly going to save. The funds saved by not renting a venue for a few hours can be re-invested in other vendors who you love, or can even increase the budget for decorations and florals.


I see it happen every year. There is always this specific coveted date that is sought after by hundreds of thousands of brides. While I do not quite understand the number game, I do know that by having a backyard wedding pretty much opens the calendar for your venue for the entire... forever. The stress and hassle of having to call and reserve the venue of your dreams is now gone.

The Party!


When you rent a traditional venue, you are often contracted for a certain amount of hours. For those who like to party into the night, this can become a problem when you are getting the boot just as things are starting to heat up. Backyard wedding? No problem. Dance into the early morning, its your property!

Guest List

Do you want to invite every single person you ever met and then some? We know that most buildings have a limited capacity. You are truly able to invite anyone you want to when you have entire control of the venue space.

On the other hand, this is a great area of your wedding where you can cut costs. Having a micro-wedding or small elopement where the guest count is smaller will financially free up costs for catering.


Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and planning a backyard wedding in particular is not for the faint of heart. However, as long as the mind is kept open to the wonderful and creative opportunities that could take place on the blank canvas of your property, you can undoubtedly have the wedding of your dreams!

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