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Top 3 Wedding Vendors you Should be Booking First

Congratulations on your engagement! You now have the daunting (but exciting!) task of planning the wedding of your dreams! Planning a wedding has about a hundred of different moving parts, and you may be asking yourself, "Where the heck do I even start?" Never fear, the following 3 tips will help you begin your path towards stress free wedding planning.

The Venue

The venue is the first vendor you should be looking at (after you have set your date). It is not uncommon for popular venues to be booked out a year in advance, and especially on dates that are super popular. So if you know when the big day is going to be, lock your dream venue down fast!

Wedding Photographer

Popular wedding photographers book up nearly just as fast as the venues do. Unless you know a photographer already, start researching wedding photographers in your area and have consultations. This person will be with you for the better part of your wedding day, you want to make sure you choose someone who you vibe with. But most importantly, you want to choose the person who can best showcase your day!


It wouldn't be a party if there was not a smorgasbord of amazing food! While there are some venues who do offer catering as part of their services, there are plenty who do not. Sit down with your partner and list all your favorite types of meals. Then take off to the google and see what type of catering vendors are in your area!


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