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Viola Community Club - Estacada Oregon Wedding

The year started off with this incredibly cute wedding in Estacada Oregon hosted at the Viola Community Club.  The cherry red school house, built in 1849 has been restored and renovated to its original glory, and left with all the school house charm it had in its hay day. Original hardwood floors gleamed to perfection, while a little modern pellet stove piped merrily away, heating up the building before guests arrived. Along the walls, the original chalkboards still remain, and some even still have the lesson plan from the last day the school was in operation in the most impeccable beautiful cursive.

Though Charlie and Christine had no bridal party, they did have the most adorable puppers as part of their big day. Tuesday, the American Staffordshire mix, was an impeccable best man / maid of honor. Keeping with modern traditions, Christine decided that comfort was the best way to spend her perfect wedding day, and walked down the isle in pearly white Chuck Taylors. Her gown was a stunning champagne color with a corset back, lace bodice and tulle skirt. A jeweled belt added a pop of glittering pizzaz.

Now, I do not know about you, but there is undoubtedly great debate on what the best wedding food out there is. However I do not think that anybody can deny the majesty that is a full breakfast buffet. This homemade delectable spread consisted of waffles, bacon, eggs and yogurt parfaits. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory brunch beverages of orange juice and hot coco. To say their guests were in heaven is an understatement.

Charlie and Christine spent the rest of their special day showered by love from their closest friends and family. When the festivity's of the day ended, the two hopped on a plane to the happiest place on earth, to spend an incredible week on a sweetheart honeymoon.

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