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Why are Photography Workshops so important? - Smith Rock State Park Oregon

Being a lifelong learner is something that has always been really important to me, and having the opportunity to spend a day with other creative minds discussing about running a business and talking a bout the craft of creating visually stunning images is probably the best and only way you should spend a Saturday afternoon. This workshop was hosted by Riley Jean Photo Co. with Lauren Reber Photographer (that's me!) as a guest speaker and Classic Beauty by Heather as the makeup artist.

Creatives are lifelong learners, which make workshops so popular. In addition to learning business management, marketing strategies, and creative techniques both behind the camera and within the editing process, workshops provide a place for camaraderie between like minded individuals.

In addition to learning about running a successful photography business, workshops provide a creative outlet for wedding and portrait photographers who generally spend very little time creating personal art.


Self Taught vs. Instructor

There are plenty of amazing photographers in the world who are self taught and have never spent a dime on attending workshops. While this is great, and certainly an avenue in which you can go down if you are on the fence about attending workshops, here are a few reasons why investing in these events should be taken into consideration:

  1. Face to face learning provides you an opportunity to ask questions with the speaker in real time. As opposed to reaching out online and perhaps never hearing back, face to face interactions allow for genuine conversations that can make topics such as marketing and shooting techniques easier to understand.

  2. Attending a workshop allows you to see the behind the scenes, how they are organized and operated and why they are done in those specific ways. This is especially helpful when working with lighting techniques.

  3. Constructive criticism is able to be given on your work by professionals that you trust.


Which workshop should I choose?

There are hundreds; if not thousands, of workshops being hosted every year. Admittedly it can be very intimidating and confusing on which workshop you want to attend. When looking for a workshop you want to invest in, it is important to do your research. Is this a photographer in whose work you admire? Is this workshop is geared towards business and marketing, rather than shooting and posing?

Evaluate what it is you are wanting to learn and make sure that that is what is going to be provided at the event. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a workshop, to only find out at the end of the day (or weekend) that you did not learn anything new.

"I liked being able to see what others do when it comes to posing and prompting." - M. Huxman Photography


The growth in my work has directly stemmed from my desire in continuing to educate myself within the photography community. Additionally, since I learn better being hands on, these types of classes support my learning style in a way that I can understand and master techniques efficiently. I have created relationships with other photographers in the industry that have positively supported my growth, and by attending workshops I have also made business relationships with other wedding vendors within the community. For me, attending workshops will be something that will always be factored into my continuing education.

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