Beer - Icecream- Love - Justin + Kacie Enagement, Portland OR

Portland knows how to take engagement sessions to the next level and did not disappoint for Justin and Kacies outing a week before Christmas! The typical grey Oregon sky kept us cold but fortunately dry, the taps were flowing, the ice- creams were scooped and the dinosaurs were.... dinosauring. The epic saga of Justin and Kacie will take you across oceans, around the country and through the ever entertaining and precarious online dating world. Where we will learn that love prevails, and will always find its way, even when provided with the smallest of radius'. 

So what I’m going to do is have you guys tell your stories. From the beginning. I want to know who Justin and Kacie are. How did you meet?


I was born in Reno Nevada, the same hospital my mom and my sister and brother was born in. I am the oldest of three, ( and just had their 30th wedding anniversary! Congratulations!) It is very cool to watch them be together. I grew up and my family was very active in the church. Some of my fondest memories as a kid was going camping. It was a huge deal to my family. Every summer we would go camping, I remember this one time when we went camping with family friends we caught 50 fish that weekend and their sons would not gut any of the fish and I did. My entire childhood was surrounded by college sports, camping and church and road trips. We loved it. I graduated from Spanish Springs High School in 2008 and then I went to ministry school in Redding CA. I have always been fiercely independent. Straight out of high school I moved out of my mom and dads house, moved into my own apartment, lived off credit cards because I couldn’t find a job. Did the whole, ‘I’m 18 I am going to find my way!’ Then I moved to southern CA with the excited blessings of my dad, and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. All of my bridesmaids are from Orange County and that time of my life. Those girls are definitely my ‘ride or dies’. In 2014 I just had this little inkling in my soul around New Years that things were going to change, and I packed up and moved to Oregon by myself.


I was born in Oklahoma City on Tinker Air Force base on one of the worst winter storms Oklahoma City has ever had. Which I think is why I love cold weather so much. Soon after we moved to Germany, which is where my first memories are from. I love the snow and I had these two friends Alex and Daniel that I remember hanging out with all the time. When I was four or five we moved from Germany to San Antonio and then two years in Tampa and then finally in Oklahoma, which is where I consider home. I remember starting school and I remember one of the first friends I made ( Chris, who happens to be in the wedding! ) for whatever reason, he just let me follow him around. i would just sit next to him, not say anything and he introduced me to a lot of the music that I am into today like Blink 182, Sum 41, and we played in a band together for several years playing covers of Blink 182. I bought a bass just to play in the band. I have a very strong appreciation and respect for music and those who are naturally gifted with it. Throughout high school Chris , Jack Chip and I were always together. As we went through school together Chip and I went on more adventures together and we ended up going to college together. After college I worked at a few jobs and was not happy with what I was doing and graduated with a sports journalist degree that I unfortunately did not want to pursue anymore. I decided that I should brew beer with my friend, as that is both a passion of ours. It has been trying at times and I wonder if this is the right choice but this is something that I really want to do.

How they Met - The Proposal



We met on Tinder while I was living in Salem, but I was house-sitting for some friends in Beaverton and Justin was in Portland at the same time. My radius on the app was super small, so it was kind of a fluke that we even met. We had really fun conversations. He is the less funny than the two of us. But I did not win the “more funny award” until much later because I was so nervous about meeting someone that was so attractive and super cute! So my coworkers were adising me to drive an hour and a half from where I work to see a guy that I have never met before and I literally was like, ‘okay fine’. So I shared my location with a couple of my coworkers so they could keep an eye on me. My plan was to walk up to the window and if I did not like what I saw then I would just turn around and walk away and he would never know. But then I walked in and saw him and I said to myself, “oh I hope that’s him!” So shortly after we sat down I excused myself to the restroom and I deleted the Tinder app off my phone right then because this dude was legit. I text my friends to let them know I was fine and he was super cute! my favorite part of that entire evening was the way he talked about his family. Especially when he talks about his dad and the impact his dad has in his life. I knew that Justin was a good man, it was not until that I grew to learn why. So two weeks after Justin and I met, we were walking down the street and he says, ‘I’m gonna marry you, girl I’ma marry you.


I was up in Portland with a few of my friends and I was on Tinder to make a few friends. If I had not been logged into Tinder at that time in that small window Kacie and I would not be together. It blows my mind every time I think about it. Our first date was on a Tuesday night at 10:00pm. We met at Caves, and we sat in this little booth and just talked. We shut that place down. Then we went to a nearby bar called Squirrels. I asked her what the best date she ever had was and she thought about it for a moment and said, ‘well this one’ and I was like, that is good, that is good!

I really think that I have found the person that compliments me the best and in our conversations I have fallen in love with how big her heart is in the last couple of years. I love how much she wants to give to people, sometimes to a fault. Kacie takes it to another level with her compassion. She lets me talk, vent and cry. With us, its always about, ‘what can I do for you?’ When either of us is in a tough spot we are always making sure we are fulfilling the other persons needs. Kacie brought that out in me. When things get tough and hard, there is nobody I want to do those tough and hard things with expect for her.

There is no one moment where it was clear when I was ready to propose, it just sort of happened. I think I knew when I was ready was when I had the ring, as the ring is her grandmothers. Kacie made it very clear that I was to ask her dad for his blessing. So every couple of months we go visit her parents and I chickened out the first time. I had to write down what I wanted to say and I would pace the bedroom. So the next time we went down there I woke up really early in the morning pacing the guest room. Her dad is an early riser so to get him alone I asked him if he wanted to take a walk. It was not even a question. He says to me, “You know I’m not going to say no to you. I want you to make sure her dreams come true. We don’t know each other very well but I know you treat my daughter well and I love you.” So I proposed on December 9th 2016 and coordinated with some friends to meet with us at the fountain at the riverfront. I told her there was a Christmas light display being shown and we should go. We walked over to the fountain and she says, “where are all the lights?” and I said, ‘well they are still setting up.’ I think that might have gave it away. I had my friend Anthony take a picture and I wrapped my arms around her like the traditional prom picture and told her to take a step forward and then I asked her to turn around and said to her, “You know what I can’t wait for? Spending the rest of my life with you.