Wedding at Jasper House Farms- Pleasant Hill OR - Brian + Taylor

September 2nd 2017 became a toasty 103 degrees, a day that greeted Oregonians to a hot, humid and smokey day from the surplus of wildfires seen in the state throughout the month of August. The heat however was no match for the flame which was ignited by the love of Brian and Taylor O'Connor, who could have fooled anyone with how seemingly little concern they had for the fires , the smoke or anything else. Their eyes and hearts on this day were only turned toward each other.

The O'Connors shared their vows of matrimony with their closest friends and family at a quaint little farmhouse nestled in the golden backcountry of Pleasant Hill OR. Rows of hazelnut trees stood tall and regal, the leaves on the branches making a dry rustling sound, the herald of Fall soon to come.


The smell of freshly made stone - oven baked pizza greeted the weddings guests after the ceremony performed by the brides brother. The aromatic smell of the baked dough was laced with the sweeter smells of the blackberry and plum bushes which grow all over the property, wrapping around the reception and whetting everyones appetites.


Under the shade of a hazelnut tree, Brian and Taylor spent a few minutes alone, while setting behind them in the sky, the sun blazed a burnt orange and red, not unlike one of Tattooines twin stars. A truly fitting end to this couples destiny filled evening. 

Tristan - Brother of the Bride

"I want to say to you and Brian how you are meant for each other and the how the ceremony solidify s that. I want to tell you one thing about covenant. A covenant originally is like a sacred promise. As you join in this covenant there are going to be hard days, but it going to be worth it. You two are beautiful and meant for each other. You are in my thoughts and prays, I love you guys so much.

Mother of Bride

"Hi Taylor and Brian! Its mom. I want to tell you how much i love you both and how very happy I am for both of you. If I could give you any marriage advice it would be that, you fight But you work really hard for what you love, it means compromise, making concessions for one another. When you do those things the rewards are so great. There are going to be days where you don't like each other and that's okay. Work really hard to hold on to what you love. I love you, and I am so happy for you."

Garrett - Best Man

This is going to be really short and simple. Brian and Taylor used to work with me at CMS. Taylor used to hate me, so I thought. She used to monitor all my calls and give me bad monitors. Brian was always angry looking and people were intimidated by him until they get to know him. These two compiment each other, she has the brians, he lifts anything she needs lifting and puts it where she wants it. They couldnt be better together than anyone else I could imagine. Here is to them!"

Father of the Groom

"I wish Brian and Taylor all the best for the rest of their lives. To health, happiness and love! Brian you are very lucky."

Nanette - Brides Stepmom

"Do not sweat the little things. Let the little things go and pick your battles. Make sure that when you fight you fight over things that matter. I still remember Taylor as a little girl and is so hard to imagine her being a bride today! I love you!"

Father of the Bride

"I just want to thank everyone that came today to enjoy this special moment with my daughter and my son -in - law. Marriage is a lot of hard work. It is not always fun and happy. But there is a lot of love. I remember when Taylor was a baby and I would carry her, she would go to nobody. She was always hanging on to me. I would have to hold her wherever we went. She would say, "Dad, dad!" Taylor is such a strong willed woman. She is so like me. We both want to lead. No matter what I love you and here is to many more years to you two. Let the party begin!

Taylor - Bride

"I used to work for a call center and I had to listen to Brian's phone calls. I fell in love in with him because he has an amazing phone voice. We went on a hike one day to Susan Creek falls when the weather was nice. I wasn't expecting the proposal. We were looking at the water and I was wondering if the water was cold. So he got down to the waters edge and touched it but then he turned around and got down on one knee. I was all hot and sweaty and gross looking and I was just thinking, "oh my gosh". It turns out he was not supposed to propose to me that way at all, he had planned a surprise party at the same time I was planning a surprise birthday party I wanted to throw for him because nobody in my family can keep a secret. I really love the way he ended up proposing though, it was sweet and intimate. 
When Brian and I got together it was during a rocky time in our life. He met my entire family within 24 hours of our dating. My family loved him immediately though and treated him as family.  I am proud of Brian and how far he has come and his accomplishments and becoming the man he wants to be. It makes me so happy and its amazing."


" Hey babe, its your husband I love you so much. I just wanted to say how excited I am to finally do this. It has been quite a ride. I remember the first time we met, and how you were scared to talk to me because I look intimidating. Look where we are now! I can not wait to see you in your dress and be together forever. You have treated me like a King during times when I should have been treated so well. You area always there for me. You are the best part of my days and my nights, my life. I never want it to stop. I can not wait for this to be complete led. This is all you, I am so proud of you and love you and I can not say it enough. I never want to stop loving you, this is amazing and I am happy that our families get along. I love you forever. I will see you at the altar."